Robotics Summer Camp!

Clairemonster Robotics at Clairemont High School is hosting a summer camp for incoming 9th graders! The camp will be during the week before schools starts, August 19 - 23 and will last from 9:00 AM - 2:30 PM with lunch provided. We will also help the students with Clairemont orientation which will be that week. At the camp, we will teach the students the basics to FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition).
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Each of the three main parts of the competition - engineering, programming, and marketing of the robot will be highlighted. The student will have the opportunity to be welcomed into Clairemont High School while learning about robotics directly from members of the robotics team at the school. Our team is very focused on empowering students to have fun, be innovative, and always demonstrate teamwork. Feel free to email us at!


We are FIRST Robotics team Clairemonster 5474. We are dedicated to robotics in all forms. We focus on designing, building, programming, and marketing our robots in order to propogate robotics. It is our philosophy that everybody can do anything they want on our team, so we teach them what they want to learn.
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It is our fifth year as a FIRST team. This year is our first without the students who founded our team. Last year we were semi-finalists for the first time in team history, and hope to continue our success.
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We want to help others. If you are a rookie team, or an experienced team looking for some help, contact us. All of the website source code is on our github and we are always available if you want to learn something!
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Charlie Jenkins


Keagan Holmes

Head of Programming

Derek McCauley

Head of Build/Design

Alec Schu

Head of Marketing

Evie Gill


Ericka Sanchez


Gena Trepte